Need Solution For Storm Door Closer

lipappyMay 19, 2011

I will be purchasing a storm door for my new back door and I was hoping somebody would know if a closer exists that fits what I want the door to actually do.

I only want door hardware that will prevent it from swinging too far out and from slamming shut. I don't want something that will cause / pull the door to close behind me.

All of the closers I'm seeing are the kind that will pull the door closed, unless you use that little clip thing. Because my entry door is on a step, I want to be able to fully open it and have it stay where ever I open it to, just like a normal door. Wind is not an issue, b/c this is inside a large covered patio. The only thing I want protection for is so the door doesn't accidentally swing too far out and crash into the wall near it, or slam closed and potentially break the glass.

I realize I could just put the door on a chain for goal #1, but what could I use to protect it from slamming shut? Thanks for your help.

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Just put a chain stop in the door to limit swing.

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The chain stop that brickeye suggested can be had with a spring. That will keep it from too far out. I don't know how to keep it from slamming shut too fast without a conventional closer. The latter seems less of a worry.

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Since I posted I decided that any kind of storm or screen door just won't work. The entrance is two steps up, and it's just too awkward to open a screen door outward while trying to negotiate the step... not to mention the space that the door swing would take up. Thanks for your help anyways!

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do you have space on the siding next to the door that maybe you could put a sliding screen/storm door on? like on a barn rail (popular now). The railings would run over the top of your door and below it. it'd still give you the ability to have the door open w/screen on to keep bugs out etc - and a storm door for rain or whatever to protect your inner door.

I need one of those 'screen' door holders myself. i have metal screen/security doors - and one will hit a window if/when it blows open. I'm having the window replaced and want the door fixed so it doesn't knock out the new window!

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Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think code allows an outswing door unless there is a landing before the steps

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Thats correct, however, an "after market" storm door is not required to insure the security or weather-ability of the dwelling.

Only the home owner can elect to protect themselves, from themselves.

There are closures available which function as the OP desires, as well as having a "hold open" function.

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