I REALLY Need help, Please!

Nonnie_GAOctober 14, 2006

I have inherited the job of Editor of a small newsletter with about 12 pages. I am having to use the Corel Word Perfect 10 that came on my Dell because of lack of funds to purchase Corel Graphic and because I would have no use for it otherwie.

My problems is that I received ad Copy from the previous editor by email that I am trying to copy & paste into the pages. These ads are copy ready by the ad purchaser. I am unable to import them into my newsletter pages successfully. When I copy & paste them and go to move them around on the page they will jump to some other location and/or push my copy down to the next page. If I try to import them I get a message saying unable to import them because of a wdg.2 message (?)

Can someone help me as usual on this site. I would much appreciate it.


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Are you using MSWord?
Are they sent to you in OutLook Express E-Mail where you right click on it and save as JPG.?
Then in MSWord, where you want it to be located, (cursor)
go up to insert, picture,from file, etc.
Then make sure you hit the space bar or enter which ever is the case, to get it away from the picture.
Hope that makes sense and will work being I am not there to see it?


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I re-read and see you are using Word Perfect which I have never.


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