TV disposal - what I did

pandorathecatMay 7, 2012

This is not spam.

In Henderson, NV, residents are supposed to bring TVs to a garbage drop off plant. My TV didn't fit into my car so I was unable to do this even if I wanted to. Best Buy would've picked it up for $100 plus tax. Got Junk would've charged at least $130 plus taxes plus a transfer fee of $25 or more(?) to haul it to the plant. Craiglist was not an option and I didn't feel like renting a large vehicle.

I discovered All Green Electronics Recycling when I did a web search. It's a California based company with offices in major cities nationwide. I paid All Green $65 to take my TV away and to have it recycled responsibly. Some pickups are free while others are charged varying fees.

A plus -- All Green doesn't ship electronics to be processed to third world countries where environmental laws are lax. The firm processes and refines electronics at facilities in North America.

Another plus -- It tries to recycle every single component in electronics/computers down to the basic commodity in order to minimize leftover scrap. All Green is certified by EPA R2 and eStewards, two third party standards that Best Buy encourages but doesn't require its own recycling partners to meet.

Surprisingly, All Green schedules pickups in my area every other week even though it doesn't have offices in my state. Because it doesn't accept cash, I had to pay by credit card via phone two days prior to the pickup. I was a little nervous prepaying and letting two strangers into my house. The TV couldn't be placed curbside because it was too heavy and my husband was away on business. As scheduled, my TV was picked up by two very nice employees. I was happy with the transaction.

I was glad I saved a little money and got the TV recycled in the greenest possible manner. There are probably cheaper alternatives out there but this deal was the best I could find considering the circumstances. A press release stated that All Green operates trucks in 48 states. I'm not sure how accurate that is but it's worth calling to see if it serves your area.

Here are some links for background info. I don't have any financial interest in this company or in any other company mentioned in the links nor do I know any of these people.

Here is a link that might be useful: All Green Electronics Recycling

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I saved $65 and advertised my old TV on Freecycle, and within minutes I had a flood of replies, and the old TV was picked up within an hour.

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Freecycle is great for dropoffs and pickups at curbside or at public places...just not good for inside the home. I'm glad sushipup was able to give his/her TV to someone who really wanted it.

My TV was broken and not worth repairing. Otherwise I would've kept it.

Even if someone wanted a broken TV, Craigslist or Freecycle was out of the question because I couldn't risk letting strangers into my home. The TV was too heavy to carry to the curb and my husband wasn't home.

I did trust All Green. The person over the phone assured me that the people doing the pickup were trustworthy employees.

If I was going to pay, I wanted the greenest possible method of disposal I could find.

It wasn't free but it wasn't over $100 either. To me, it was worth the $$.

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You are correct, my TV worked and there was someone else home. But I wouldn't be too confident about trusting strangers just because the person on the phone said the workers were "trustworthy".

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Glad that pandorathecat found something that worked for her!

But $65 is too pricey for me... and probably for many others on this money-saving board.

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Wow, guess we're lucky--we have a lot of free options for getting rid of old electronics. The county has free drop off sites. Last I heard, Goodwill would take them, as do several other charities that pick up.

It is a concern letting strangers into one's house (and like someone else, I would NOT trust some stranger on the phone who 'assured me they were trustworthy') but there's always someone you KNOW who is willing to do you a favor and move something larger to the curb.

Usually, I find, if you can put something like that at at the curb, the night before trash day, with a sign that says 'free' it will disappear pretty quickly.

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I've used Freecycle before to donate useful things. Instead of people coming to my curbside, I've dropped off moving boxes in front of people's homes..with their permission of course and in their presence.

I agree. I shouldn't automatically trust anyone over the phone.
All Green is not local to my area. To me, the risk was just slightly higher than having someone from a local business enter my home. They showed up with an Enterprise moving truck.

My house is sort of out of the way, in a relatively young residential area governed by an HOA. Even if we're allowed to leave stuff curbside, residents in my neighborhood simply wouldn't be interested in an abandoned TV. It would just sit there...until it slowly disintegrated from the a thousand years.
Around here, there are no scavengers, just burglars.

"Usually, I find, if you can put something like that at at the curb, the night before trash day, with a sign that says 'free' it will disappear pretty quickly."

Sometimes the opposite happens. The sign would disappear or blow away and a garbage pile would start forming around the TV until the pile takes up half a city block. Like sink holes, illegal dumping grounds just seem to form out of nowhere. :)

The broken TV was a big fat heavy 60" dinosaur with probably no salvageable copper.

Because All Green charged so much lower than the others, it seemed like a good idea to mention it on Money Saving Tips forum for the benefit of people who might unexpectedly find themselves in a similar situation. On second thought though, $65 does seem pricey for this board!

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I live in Toronto and have recently been taking a lot of stuff to Goodwill. They have restrictions on certain items now - TVs being one of them - they often don't want them - or computer monitors. We used to put stuff out on the street - nothing I would be ashamed to put out - and it would be gone very quickly. Now, people are very afraid of bed bugs - and are not so quick to pick up things from the street. We do not have bed bugs - and hopefully won't - but you never know where they are. We are supposedly allowed to put certain types of furniture out for pick-up on garbage day - our taxes pay for this service - yet often the stuff is left sitting there. And I put out nothing that should not be picked up - next week will be another "test". I hope it goes.

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