does this roof need flashing?

mocknbirdMay 12, 2013

I paid $10k for a new roof in December. I was up on the roof for the first time since, cleaning gutters. I noticed that there is no flashing where the side of the house meets the roof of the carport. Should there be? If there isn't a definite answer, how would I figure it out.

It looks like there was previously something between the outside siding and the roof but I don't remember for sure.

This is the northern side of the house and this section is typically shaded all day. I am in the mid-Atlantic region. The new shingles are CertainTeed Landmark brand.

I have a similar question for where the chimney meets the roof. I'll post a photo below.

thanks in advance.

Was this job done right?

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Here is a pic of the 'fake' chiminey. There is a masonry chimney, too. Is this properly caulked and flashed?

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Side walls require step flashing and counter flashing.

The chimney should have a cricket, flashing, and counter flashing.

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even with siding? I'm looking around the neighborhood and seeing flashing where roof meets brick but no flashing where roof meets siding.

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"even with siding? "

The siding is not the actual drainage plane, and it may be covering the step flashing.

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I think you need to have a professional inspect the entire job. In my opinion, and based only on the pictures you provided, this roof job was done poorly. Not sure whether you did due diligence before hiring this contractor.

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To answer your question no it is not done properly and needs to be rectified by someone that can. I would call back your contractor and get their opinion, his crew screwed up and he or she may not be aware of it. Or they are aware it's not right and you don't want them touching it again. Based on what is shown I doubt they are certified contractors. That may affect your warranty for the materials. I know CertainTeed here requires it be installed by someone that Certain Teed has authorized to install.

If they say it fine you need to make some decisions.

Give them an opportunity to do it right if they can show that they have been qualified by Certain Teed. If not they don't touch it.

Have it done correctly and send them the bill. If they don't agree to pay for it may be Judge Judy time.

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