Day 7

Elaine_CanadaOctober 2, 2005

I'll start day 7 for Bev with this fall siggie.

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Thank you Elaine, if you get what I mean?

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LOL - sure do what a lovely tag.


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O.k., maybe I'm being a bit sensative, but.Urlee..when you said to Elaine..if you get what I mean..I am taking that a little bit personal..I really don't know how else it can be interperted..If you prefer that I don't post anymore..I will be glad to oblige..I was just trying to get a little motivation going in the group..I am sorry if I have come on as a pest.. and if I misunderstood the statement..I am also sorry for that...I"m kind of in a down mood tonight, so unfortunately it hit me the wrong way...I also know I'm not the best pspr in the world, but I try... Please accept my apologies.

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Oh my goodness Bev,
I think very highly of you AND your PSP talent!
It was in NO WAY directed at you.
I am so sorry as I now looked at the way you took it and can see how you would think that.

Elaine made me that siggie, which is the same as hers, and my thanks was pointed at the tag as her reply back indicated.


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I am so, so, sorry for the misunderstanding I think the world of all of you on here. I was a little depressed last night and of course, when your that way, you take everything the wrong way...My mistake...Everything is O.K.
and anyone who wants to start a post for the day is "Believe Me" welcome to do it...I just wanted to get the ball rolling again in here for our group...and it seems to have gotten us all busy doing a little more as Martha would say.."That's a Good Thing"
Your PSP..buddie..Bev

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Hi folks,
I just love that siggie - does anyone want to pot a tut that a beginner like can try - or it it too complicated?

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I'm sorry Elly, but I don't have a tut for that one. I'm sure Elaine or Urlee will be glad to point you in the right direction for the tut..

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This is definitely not complicated Elly - it is an animated alphabet. I'm wouldn't be any good at writing a tutorial on how to do this, but I'd sure do a siggie for you......just tell me what name you want and I'll make it!

I'll send you the animated alpha if you want to do it yourself, but if you don't - I'll make one for you, just tell me the name.


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