cost of raising a house up? (long island,ny)

mobgirl86May 7, 2009

Hi. I'm interested in purchasing a house that has no crawl space, no basement. I was told by the realtor that the house at one point flooded with 4 feet of water. The house is in a bay area in Island Park, NY. The price is reasonable but I have no idea the costs associated with adding a foundation or raising a house up. Does anyone have any advice or ideas of the costs? It's a small house, the lot is only 40x50, a very small 3bdrm "cottage". Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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same post on two other forums - a little restraint would be appreciated

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You need to talk with a *local* house moving company. Probably several. There are many things which can go wrong with this job. It sounds like the house would be moved backwards, a basement built, and the house returned to its new place. I am pretty sure it will cost at least $50,000 with the new basement - but it could be double that or more.

When you talk with the house movers, they will probably know exactly which house you are asking about - I am sure others have pursued this option. Check the mover's insurance status *very carefully* before you sign up for this job.

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