What would you do about this crack in brick exterior?

marti8aMay 31, 2009

About 6 years ago we had several foundation repair companies out and they all said the cause of the crack was a tree about 10 feet away, not foundation damage. So we had a company out who trenched (or something like that) all along the foundation to sever roots and put down a barricade. It seemed to work for a few years but last year we noticed the crack was worse so we cut down the tree. When we had some brick work done last fall, the guy filled in the crack with mortar, but it has since fallen out. Our choices now are to fill in with a crack filler that comes in a tube or cut the brick out and rebrick the whole area. Anyone ever dealt with a crack like this? I don't want it to hurt our resale value. It's under the kitchen window btw.

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We had cracks like that on our front porch. We fixed the structural problem, which were due to water pressure underground, then we got the mason out who removed sections of brick and relaid them. No it wasn't cheap, but we have a porch that looks as good as the day it was completed.

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Thanks lido, that's what I'm thinking too. Did you have any problem matching the brick? If the whole ones will come out whole, we can reuse them, but odds are, at least 1/4 of them will break coming out, and there are already some there that are broken.

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The brick mortor lines can be repointed. They need to be ground out to a minimum depth of 1/2 to 1 inch and mortor mixed to match the color. Wet the old brick joints and that will show you the approximate color that the new mortor color needs to be. The gap should be wet and then the mortor forced to fill the gap. Its done all the time by qualified masons. Nomally a mix of 1 part Portland to 3 parts builders sand. Depending on the color you would use white or gray mortor and sand. I would only replace the bricks if the crack width is very wide. New bricks most likely will not color match the present bricks so the whole repaired area will stand out.

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Another suggestion is to make the crack line an expansion contraction line and only change out those bricks where the crack does not fall on the vertical crack line. That way any future movement would not result in the crack opening up again. The crack line should be ground out in a vertical line 1/2 deep and filled with a mortar caulk.

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Thank you stash-hdy, that sounds like a good idea.

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