Kitchen sink drain hole: Center, center back, left or right?

lattegirl1April 18, 2010

Where is your kitchen/prep sink drain hole? What is your experience with where it is?

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Mine is center back. I love myself!

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Most new sinks have them towards the back. Most older in the middle. This makes a retrofit a pain because some newer sinks are 8-10 inches deep. The drain lines often need to be reworked by a plumber $$$

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Mikespringer: where do you recommend the drain hole to be? Also, all the depths are so confusing, what is the ideal depth?

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The term is "offset drain" (i.e. not in the center), and it offers a couple of advantages. It allows you to set down, e.g., a roasting pan to soak, without covering the drain hole. Also, it allows more room under the sink for storage, trash, whatever, because your plumbing and disposal are not smack-dab in the center.

I don't quite agree with Mikespringer. Typically what causes the plumbing to need to be retrofit from an older sink is the depth of the new sink (plus countertop which adds about an inch). Older sinks might be 6 or 7 inches deep, and as Mike said, newer sinks tend to be 8-9+" deep plus a thicker countertop than, say, formica was. Also, newer disposals tend to be bigger than the older ones. That means your older plumbing outlet position out of the wall could be too high. But moving the sink's drain hole 2-3 inches from the center of the sink to the back isn't as disruptive. I had an older shallow sink with a center drain that I replaced with a 9" deep sink with an offset drain in the rear right. Luckily, my plumbing didn't need any changes, even with the added depth of the sink, thicker countertop and big disposal. It just depends on your setup.

I really like my sink's offset drain hole in the rear right. But it is more common to find sinks' offset drains in the rear center which is fine too. So I wouldn't worry if the drain is offset center or offset right; just having it offset is an advantage. There's only a few sinks I know of that are offset to the right, which are the Blancodiamond Supersingle in Silgranit (very large sink), the Elkay Elumina, some of the Shaws fireclay sinks and the Rachiele sinks. But you can easily find quite a number of sinks at all price points with an offset drain rear center.

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I think 'bottom' is a good location. Beyond that, I have no real preference.

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My Blanco Precis super single sink drain is center back. Works fine for me.

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Fori is not pleased

Mine is in the back corner. It's good, and allows the garbage disposal to be out of the way in the cabinet.

One thing to keep in mind is that if it's a wide single sink like mine, it'll have to be a bit steep to get proper drainage to the side. Might bother you if you wash a lot of marbles.

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