Anyone Have PhotoShop Elements?

country_bumpkin_alOctober 16, 2006

I'm seriously thinking I'd like to get one of the versions of PS Elements, I'm just not sure which version would be best and what all can be done with it. I'd be using it mainly to play around with photos.

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"One of the versions"? You mean an older version as opposed to the current version?

Well, I use Photoshop a lot and it's my favorite, but I also use it in the work I do for a living. If you can't (or don't want to) buy Photoshop, then you might be better off going for a program like Paint Shop Pro.

I am a little out of the loop as to what PSP will do vs. Photoshop Elements will do, but last I knew, PSP would do more. Elements is a sort of lite version of Photoshop, with many things either missing or disabled.

There are fans for both pieces of software out there, though, which means you'd be able to find work-arounds to get everything you want to do, done.

Have fun whatever you decide!

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I had a trial version of Elements 4 and it was really nice to use, although everything I did in it (graphics-making), I could also do in my PSP8.1 just as nicely. I still think Photoshop in general is probably a notch above Jasc/Corel, but I'm happy with my PSP.

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