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mst___October 9, 2005

I'm trying to do this tutorial but when I get to the part that says "Paint Brush - Brush Types - Custom - Marnie9 - Size 200 click with your Foreground color", I'm lost. When I click on the paintbrush in the tool bar, there is nothing about brush types, etc. I've never worked with brushes before and wonder what I'm doing wrong. I'm using PSP7. Can someone explain, please? TIA!

Here is a link that might be useful: Halloween evening

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I haven't used ver 7 but in ver 9 there is a dropdown list where you can see all the brushes you have. Did you put the brush from the zip file in your psp brushes folder? If so it should be in the list. Scroll until you find the Marnie9 brush. Hope this helps. Or maybe someone with 7 will be able to help you better. Deb

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This is as far as I got in PSP7?
Don't have the slightest idea of Marnie9 etc.


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Urlee, Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't noticed it. Marnie9 s the name of the brush. I put it into my brushes folder but it's not showing up.

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Well, I closed out PSP and re-opened it and my brush showed up. So now I can complete my tut.

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