Getting a few more miles out of my TV

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaMay 19, 2006

My TV in the living rrom (25" I think) has been on its way out for some time. Of the 3 main local channels I watch (I only have local) one has been going out for some time now. Sometimes it is fine, and other times its not.

If there happens to be something of interest I want to see on that channel, (Oprah and some others), I set the TV to channel 3, and then use the receiver in the VCR. So far, I've gotten about an extra 6 months out of the TV.

The same thing is starting to happen in the bedroom as well. Luckily there is also a VCR hooked to that one too.

I've used the VCRs more as receivers in the past few months, than I ever used them in the last 15 years or so.


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how do you do that? do you just turn on the VCR? and do you have cable? or just use an antenna?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I just have an antennae for now.
I turn on the tv, and set the channel to 3...that might be different for different folks
Then turn on the vcr....hit the switch on the remote to activate the vcr part of the remote.
Then I can choose the channel via the vcr receiver. VCR's have receivers in them (similar I guess to tv's), and that is why you can tape a show with the VCR, but with the tv turned off, or the tv turned on and set to a different channel than what you are taping.

Was that as clear as mud?

I sometimes just use the VCR receiver too if it gets a bit better reception than the TV. I'm on the fringe area of getting some of the Indianapolis and Cincinatti channels.

Sue...who is thinking about springing for DISH TV Familypack for $19.95 for 2 TVs.

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Maybe I should send you one of (three?) TVs here.

As I'm a benighted rural resident, I can get only a limited number of channels - about three, that are in any way reasonably viewable: all more or less snowy.

When I choose to turn the darn thing on - which is seldom. I may get an antenna one day - not sure how many channels I'd get then: not many more, but picture would be clearer.

I followed much the same pattern when I lived in the city.

Took cable out when my house-share guy left, something over 10 years ago.

TV - the hypnotic medium.

ole joyful

P.S. There's a lot of "absolutely essential" stuff for today's life, according to TV ...

... that wasn't first made till about three years ago ...

... that those of us who don't watch it haven't heard of, yet, so ...

... don't know just how deprived our life is.

But ... with more money left in our jeans, we may be able to retire somewhat earlier.

o j

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