Are these termite fecal pellets?

hotpoterMay 12, 2012

My wife found these little piles of black sandy things 5 days ago, 2 days ago and now today.

Is this termite pellets and is the tiny hole near the top made my termites?

Thanks very much!

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Termite, carpenter ant or other wood eating critter. It's time to call an exterminator.

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Carpenter ants do not eat wood, they excavate galleries to live in,

The waste looks like sawdust.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Whatever it is certainly is not good, time for an expert to look and see exactly what.

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Thanks everyone!

The thing is a termite inspector has already checked my house and spot treated all the areas that had issues (total of 8 spots around the house and garage). The inspector told me the termite problem is not serious enough for tenting.

This is a new spot that we've found. I'm concerned there are other infected areas around the house and perhaps spot treatment is not a good solution.

Should I tent the house? Any suggestion is appreciated.

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You amy need a better inspector, or at least a return trip. How long ago was it inspected?

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Do have a small bug in your area called a "potato bug"? These are small oval shaped grey bugs. They like moist wood/ dirt. That is what it looks like to me ( or what I was told ) I am am in Massachusetts -Cape Cod. To solve this is to keep your basement and house as dry as possible. PLEASE let us know what your exterminator say's they are.

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I live in Southern California and my 1954 house (newly renovated about a year and half ago) was inspected two month ago and the termite inspector found 2 spots in the house (attic) and 6 spots in the detached garage.

This new spot in the picture was found a week ago by my wife.

Two month ago, the inspector told us the issue is NOT serious enough to tent the house, spot treatment is sufficient.

He came back a few days ago and treated the spot my wife found and said again don't be alarmed, this is a minor issue.

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I, too, found a pile of small black "pellets" that looked just like that and thought I had termites. What it turned out to be was earwigs. I sprayed the area with something like Raid and within an hour I had several dead bugs. I never saw them during the day, just kept getting piles of that black stuff each day next to my front door. I swept it off and the next day it would be back. The bug spray took care of it for me.

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