ISO quality bed pillows

phyllis_philodendronMay 5, 2003

Lately I have been going the cheapo route and buying pillows at discount stores, only to find them flat again in two weeks. What are some good brands without costing a fortune? I don't even know what to look for. Where are some good places to find them - like Marshall's or TJ Maxx?

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I just ordered the 95% feather pillows in the "good" quality from this company. I'll let you know what I think of them once they arrive in about 10 days.

they're only $14 or so (retail value supposedly $35)

I have found that since I like a firm pillow, I'm much happier w/ cheap feathers-only, no-down pillows. Down makes them far too soft. And the funny thing is, the cheaper the better for me, bcs of the firmness factor

I haven't actually ordered from The Company Store, but I have a good impression of them so far.

The most recent catalog had an entire page w/ a grid--from good to superior in quality; from soft to super-firm in firmness. That worked out to 5x4, or 20 pillows.

Of course, the superior quality were $200 or something. But the firm and extra firm were $14 and $18 in the "good" quality (which they claim is better than many company's "best")

I'm a little nervous about buying ones I haven't tried, but like you I haven't had any luck w/ ones I COULD try first. And I can return them if they don't work.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Company Store, their huge selection of pillows

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I have received their catalog before; they have beautiful quilts! I will look it up and see. I know they also had a simliar grid for their down comforters, too. Thanks!

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I got some decent Martha Stewart pillows at Kmart. They seem to hold their shape well and were reasonably priced. Depends on what you're looking for, I guess.

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I absolutely love the Pacific Coast brand. JC Penney sells them and either Lands End or LL Bean sells them under a different label.

Pacific Coast has wonderful customer service too. My dh had bought me a down comforter for the bed a few years ago and part of the stitching came out. I called the company and they had me mail it back in. The lady in charge of customer service had to away from work for a few weeks for surgery so my comforter accidentally got stuck on a shelf for a while. I called back and they sent me two really nice feather pillows along with a new comforter.

I know your pregnant so I'll add this. I loved the pillows so much that dh bought me the queen size pillow for a body pillow when I was pregnant with my first child. It works great. I'm pregnant with #3 and I like to prop it under my belly at night so I can still sort of sleep on my belly sometimes instead of always sleeping on my back or sides.

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I got my latest set at Macy's during a one day sale. I chose the ones that I did by looking at the ounces of down listed on the package and picking the ones that offered the most fill for the price. If you pick one with less fill, it will go flat more quickly. Also, the ones that I picked were the same price for Queen and King, but the King was a larger dimension and contained more fill. So I bought the King even though I have Queen sized pillowcases. I shoved them into the pillow covers (which are zippered covers that go on before the pillowcases.) I originally intended to shake the fill down into one end of the pillow and sew it down to a queen size dimension, but I never got around to it. It would be much easier if I had a serger.

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I have ordered from the company store before and their quality is great. I still have the down comforter I got from them 10 years ago. It was pricey but is warmer and nicer than any other I have found in department stores (you'd think I'd learn that cheaper isn't always better when it comes to down stuff but no, I seem to like having feathers everywhere!).

Also, their customer service is great as well. I ordered a clearance quilt from them and used it for a year when the stiching started coming loose. I called and they had me send it back and refunded my credit card for the full amount of my purchase plus shipping! They also gave me a coupon for 20% off my next purchase.

I can't say enough nice things about them. I've never tried their pillows though.

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We have Pacific Coast pillows, the "Marriott" model. My husband insisted I find them because when travelling he loved their pillows. They have a down outer layer with a feather/down core. This makes them firmer and they last a long time with no flattening. It's been years since I bought them and they are still perfect. Not cheap for the initial purchase, but they last so long it is the same or cheaper than buying pillows that flatten/wear out after a short time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Coast Marriott pillow

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Interesting--the Marriott fill is 26 ounces (combined down & feathers). The "good" pillows I ordered in firm are 32 oz.

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My favorite pillow is a solid foam one. It is the most comfortable pillow I have ever had. It has holes all the way through to let air through (excellent for those night time hot flashes)
Bought mine at Sears about 5 years ago. Paid about $30.
It is time for a new pillow and I will buy the same thing again. 5 years is a decent amount of time for a $30 pillow in my opinion.
Regular pillows make my ears ache.

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well, I tried the pillows from The Company Store.

They are very well made, but their idea of "firm" isn't mine; their idea of "super firm" or "the firmest pillow in the world" or something is closer to it.

I saw a foam pillow like the one you speak of, Cinderella; it was in the Vermont Country Store catalog.

I've been avoiding foam, since I like the smushability of feathers, But maybe I should consider it, since I'm having a little trouble finding a pillow that's really "firm."

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Talley Sue,

If you could get along without it for a few days - how about sending your head to the Company Store to try the pillow out before buying?

Some stores put customer satisfaction as a primary objective.

Good wishes,

ole Ed

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Ed , sometimes it seems I *am* doing w/o my head. Do you suppose they'd send it back in one piece?

I just want to say that while MY definition of "firm" is clearly more extreme than the Company Store's, they were really great in terms of customer service.

I sent back most of the pillows and ordered another "super firm." Got a notice that it's on its way, and get this:

They didn't charge me shipping on the replacement pillow!

Not too bad!

They are very good to deal with, and their pillows are VERY well made. And in fact, NO ONE's definition of "firm" is what *I* consider to be accurate, so they're certainly not a bad company in any way.,

And they ship UPS, so maybe my head *would* come back without cracks or holes, if I sent it to them.

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Far be it from me to suggest that you may be cracked ...

... or have holes in your head!

Trying to be considerate of my fellow hooman beans,

ole joyful

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