Am I losing it?

urleeOctober 27, 2005

My goodness!

This one takes the cake!

I may have to resign from PSP as I sure can't figure this tutorial out!

I am OK until step #8 when it says to contract------I get a pop up saying selection has to be DEFLOATED right after I Floated it? Doesn't it say float Selections> modify> 35?

I assume we are still on the rectangle image? Or are we suppose to be on the tube? Oh yoy yoy!



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Well you got further than I did, I can't even download the supplies. What do you click on? I tried the little dot before the filters etc, I tried on the download here, I tried on each individual filter and font. See what you started, when I saw your link I thought I'd take a look, it is really cute. But why I ever thought if you were having trouble with it that I would be able to figure it out is beyond me. Don't resign you'll get it.
Hope someone comes to your rescue.

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you have to click on terms first then click on where it says home and that will lead you to where you go to download what you need.

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Urlee, I just completed the tut. Yes, go ahead and defloat right after you just floated it. I know, makes no sense but that's whaat I did.

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Teri, You just put me out of business!!!!!!!!
I couldn't even get the Gradient to be square like you have it.
I invented my own way of doing it but didn't post it cause I was going to give it another try.
I will post my invented one and later give it another try.

Carol, You click on the word HERE and a plus sign appears as you do.

Here is my flop, but will post another if it doesn't make me scream! "lol"
Wouldn't you gals miss me if I ditched PSP tutes on here?

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Don't you ever desert us. I'd have to cry. You help me out to much. Besides I like you :- )

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Oh Teri,
You are so sweet! :) But----------What is your secret?
When it says to paste into selection, mine is greyed out? #9 CRAZY!!!!!!!!


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I still can't follow her stupid directions!
How in the "H" do you get the squares?????

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Urlee, #7 is what gives you the square. Make sure it's not selected as a vector. When you paste your image in the square it is so small you can hardly see what it is. I'm sorry I'm not very good a directions. Usually it's me asking the questions. LOL

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Yes Terry, I did that and it shows the same as her picture and in my background (materials) but it won't make a square on my image?
I am using PSP8. Maybe I should try it in 7 & X to see if that won't make me bald? I have a couple of hairs left.


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