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mid_tn_mamaMay 21, 2003

I'm picking up tops/capris/pants and skirts now for as little as $3 at walmart this week. Some are plus sizes but it took me two minutes to take in the sides a little on them.

I do buy some clothes at more expensive places (usually on sale) like old navy, but they are only the things to round out what we need, special things to make the kids happy, etc..

Storing this for new school clothes in the fall.

As I clean out outgrown clothes--the best ones are sold at yard sale, the next best go to goodwill after stains are removed. Those that are too bad for goodwill are used as rags (often throwaways) so I don't spend money on paper towels.

Before they are put in the rag box, the elastic, zippers, buttons are removed and saved. These are used for mending and for projects the kids do at home or scouts. They make doll clothes, quilts, etc.. out of these.

For that matter, I make scrap quilts out of the best fabric.

One of the best saving tips I have is that I've taught kids to wet, soap and scrub their stains as soon as they happen so that by the time they hit the washer a day or two later the stain has not set. That has saved ALOT of money.

Lastly, I try not to wash pants skirts that are not dirty--like a skirt worn for an hour for church. Saves wear and tear on the clothes, not to mention electricity, water and detergent.

What are your best tips.... (yes, this has been covered, but each time a someone adds something new or a new reader hops in--please be kind!)

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I noticed that in Walmart all the kids clothes are Plus size. I was really annoyed because it took me two hours to find a birthday present for my goddaughter that would fit! You've gotta watch the shirts if you buy them with the intent to take them in because sometimes the neckline is still too big, and can't be made smaller because the fabric is gone, and they end up hanging off one shoulder (not an attractive look.) Also, the shoulder seam will be halfway down the arm, and the armhole will be too big (also not enough fabric to fix.) By the time all of the adjustments are made, if they're even possible, it may not be worth it.

I like your other tips, and don't really have much to add because I already use them all! I don't wash clean clothes either. Also, bath towels. It took me several years to train DH to hang his bath towel and re-use it a couple of times before tossing it in the wash. My towels are seven years old and they still look new.

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" One of the best saving tips I have is that I've taught kids to wet, soap and scrub their stains as soon as they happen so that by the time they hit the washer a day or two later the stain has not set. That has saved ALOT of money. "

Also, fix small rips or wor-through knees right away.

I don't save zippers; the hassle of saving them and trying to find one that will work in the garment I'm making is just not worth my time. Ditto buttons nowadays; I've never reused buttons in my entire sewing life, so why am I saving them? Sometimes I give them to a school teacher for craft uses, but usu. nowadays I just throw them out. I have better things to do w/ my time and storage space.

The best thing I ever did was connect w/ a few friends to pass on clothes (and receive them).

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Talley Sue, one of my most beloved possesions is a big jar of buttons that our neighbor when I was a little girl, who was over 90, had saved from clothes over her lifetime. She gave the jar to me for a plaything. I still have it 35 years later. I LOVED playing with those buttons as a kid, and just looking at the jar brings back great memories. Thanks for making me think of it!

I don't have a lot of tips - by the time my oldest DS is done with clothing, it's not even fit for the rag bag. That kid is SO HARD on clothes! I do cut off pants, because both knees are always ripped through, to make shorts the following summer. I don't even try to patch the knees - DS #2 told me he hates pants with patches, so I'd rather recycle the pants into shorts for him. I'm saving the lower legs to make a denim rag quilt.

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I used to watch for specials and grab clothes when I found them, but now my children are getting older and more particular. I have found that I end up wasting $$ because they usually won't wear what I buy. So, every now and then I take a child with me and he/she can pick out one or two things (has to be on sale). I alternate children so it balances everything out a bit. Nothing bugs me more than clothing that sits in a drawer, never to be worn. I'd rather spend more $$ and know they are truly wearing them. But, this also means they don't have a large variety of clothing. Especially since they are all growing so much. Shoes are such an expense! But I have found that cheap shoes don't work for the boys - they wear them out so quickly. So I do spend more $$ on them.

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teach your kids to sew!!!!! My Daughter is 8 and has been making her own skirts and shorts. granted the seaams aren't the straitest but she is proud of her work and a pair of shorts can be made for a dollar or two. My boys are 5 and 6 so they just share every thing. Kind of like two for the price of one!

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