Will I save money by changing the door to the garage to steel?

mdjonesMay 15, 2007

Right now, we have an interior 6 panel pine door leading from the kitchen into the garage. When it's blazing hot in the garage, the door feels warm.

I hate to think how much $ we're losing through that door.

Would it do any good to change it to an insulated steel door?

And can I buy the same size door and just hang it on the same hinges? Or do I have to buy a pre-hung door?



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I believe that the wood doors insulate BETTER than steel. I guess it may depend on the brand of steel door. Everyone I know who switched to steel for appearance sake or to save on maintenance, ended up bemoaning the change because their garage got so hot afterwards in the summer.

I would try asking your question the the Garage Forum here at GW.

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I'm actually talking about the door between the garage and the interior of the house. But thanks.

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Steel won't help. It will be hotter than the wood and cold in the winter. Try a fiberglass door with really good insulation. They are pricey, but nice.

If you change your door, you might want to check and see what the codes are in your area. No point in buying a different door which won't meet the fire code.


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How well ventilated is your garage?

Maybe it would help if you could cool that area down.

ole joyful

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Sorry, I obviously misread your question. I still believe that a wood door will insulate better than steel. I have seen doors from the house to garage, with a weather door added, just as if it was an outside door. Having two doors add insulation and is a common thing to do here in the North to save on heat loss to the garage. It is a hassle to have to open two doors to get in but you get used to it.

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Does a 6 panel door actually meet code? Those panels sure aren't 1 3/8 inch thick.

"The entry into the house from the garage must have a 20-minute-rated fire doorÂa minimum 1 3/8-inch thick solid wood or steel door. The UBC additionally requires the door to be self-closing and self-latching. "

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