How Difficult is It to Enlarge Medicine Cabinet Opening

chipster_2007May 11, 2011

I have removed an old medicine cabinet and wish to put a larger one in. I have the old plaster and lath and was wondering how difficult is it to enlarge? There is a 2x4 on either side of the the opening. My thoughts were to take an additional 1-1/2" off of either side based on the width of the new medicine cabinet and then reinforce the cut 2x4 with an additional piece of 2x4s (on both sides) behind the existing ones. Do I need any addiitonal information? Thanks

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Make sure there are no electrical wires in the walls on either side of the opening. (Sconces were usually placed next to the medicine cabinets.)

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Cutting into studs as you have dscribed is paassabe on a non-weight bearing wall, but not adequate on a weight beainrgin supporting wall.

If you cannot determine if the wal is weight bearing you can either try and find somone who can, or treat it as weight bearing.

A weight bearing wall will require a header and new studs from top plate to bottom plate of the wall.

If the plaster is 2 coat over gypsum lathe it can be cut out carefully and saved to patch the hole again.

It is harder on wood lathe.

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do you still have your old medicine cabinet? i'm curious to see it and might pay you for it if you're interested.

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