coupon code explanation

sleevendogMay 23, 2013

I feel like an idiot but just don't understand how this works.
How does it work and what to look out for.
Will i have to give e-mail addy? (and then get junk mail?)
Is it very simple and i'm just not well informed?
I see 50% off and then what i want is only 10dollars off.
Certainly worth it if it is something i will be purchasing anyway.
But is there a catch?
(i did try the search function but did not see an explanation)

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If you google 'coupon code' you will see pages of links and people saying they have 4, sometimes 10 codes. Then they ask "tell me how it goes!"
When i searched here in the archives, many posts about this and that on-line store, (plow and hearth, (?)
and responses about having a 'coupon code' for a discount to be added at check-out, etc.
I'm just asking if some of these are to be avoided. I suppose so if they ask for e-mail addresses....
I'm sure it is connected to advertising and if a popular blogger that is followed by many, will get products to test, then 'coupon codes' to kick in sales.
A modern version of paper store coupons. It boosts sales of a certain product that you would not have considered buying otherwise.
I'm looking to buy an expensive blender but keep seeing 'coupon codes' and just was wondering...

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My experience is that most websites selling things tend to have a box giving you the opportunity to insert a coupon code. But coupon codes may or may not exist for that company. I usually go on a brief internet search for a coupon code, but seldom find one for the item I am buying. I have come to believe that the coupon code box is part of generic website design, and does not necessarily mean that the seller offers discounts.

However, some sellers will give you something if you "sign up" at their site and agree to let them send you e-mails. You have to give a working e-mail address and in exchange you may get some money off your next purchase. Some people maintain a special e-mail address just to receive those types of junk e-mail. I have them go to my regular e-mail address and have not had any problems.

There are lots of placed on the internet that offer coupons, and occasionally you find a discount coupon that works. I have used them successfully at times, but lots of them turn out not to work. If you do a lot of on-line shopping, you tend to figure out which ones work and don't work.

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It is worth a look. I just ordered some seeds from Johnny's and before checkout i did a google search for a coupon code. I grabbed one for free shipping without even clicking on a link. Easy and did get the 10$ off for shipping.

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