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DeeMax45May 25, 2013

I have one of kidney-shaped lazy susans that is attached to the L-shaped cabinet door. It was installed as part of our original build of the house 16 years ago and I've always had had more weight on it than I probably should have. Recently the door got jammed on the left side so that it was almost impossible to turn it. I was finally able to get it open enough to be able to remove all of the food items, and I've attempted the various adjustments mentioned here on the forum. Nothing I've tried has solved the problem so I'm fairly certain that the mechanism has decided to give up the ghost.

Do y'all think that a new one can be installed without removing the counter top? I'm going to be having some other carpentry work done in the next few weeks so I could just have that job done at the same time.

I was sorta thinking about attempting it myself, but I am pretty much a novice at home repair. The most sophisticated thing that I've done in the past was to take a door knob apart that was acting wonky and putting it back together again. It actually worked fine after I was done. ;-> I've also rewired various lamps and installed a couple of light fixtures.

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"Do y'all think that a new one can be installed without removing the counter top? "

For at least some of the units available, yes.

You may need to be able to cut the post to length though (typically using a tubing cutter).

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