shylee_txOctober 5, 2005

Has anyone order the box upgrade on Paint Shop Pro?

Do you like it? Also did you have to pay shipping

on it. Thanks

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Are you referring to PSPX?
Yes, I did but haven't played with it enough to where I could give an honest opinion. It has a learning center to the left side giving you choices to choose to do things which I think is neat but makes for a smaller work area.
When I want to make something in a hurry, I find myself using PSP7 which I favor because I know the where and how to to most of what I want to do.
I never gave PSP8 a fair play either so I have two versions to catch up with when I get time to play.

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Oooops, I forgot, Yes, to no shipping.
I paid $59.00 and just had an e-mail of it gone up to $99.00 but another the next day with the price at $59 again. They must have realized they goofed.
I really am so happy to have found out about and purchased PSP to learn what I did with it. I would recommend PSP to everyone.
In PSPX, I did try the erasing of around a subject and was amazed.


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