Drainage Away from Foundation Suggestions

mowerman1193May 25, 2011

My house is on a slab with cinder block walls about 3 - 4 feet up. One side of the house is somewhat under ground while the other is ground level. The side that is underground always seems to get wet when it rains and has ruined many pieces of carpet over the years. I have installed seamless gutters on the sides.

Now I am looking to build some sort of drainage landscape system and am looking for suggestions considering I don't know what products might be available. I was planning to dig out to the bottom of the foundation maybe 2 - 2.5 feet from foundation and try to taper the ground away from the foundation and lay out some heavy black plastic and fill it back in with 1-2" stone on top.

I am not afraid of work and grabbing the shovel for something that will work good..But I am not wanting to do the job if its not going to do any good..That's why I am asking for some suggestions as to what will work..Is there some sort of underground gutter systems to direct water away from the house? I am sure there is something out there as i know I am not the only one that has had water seep into the house..

Mostly only one small bedroom is the only part that seeps water in a heavy rainfall. But I will probably just do the whole 3/4 of the house that is under ground..

Thanks for all your suggestions/tips


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Regrading your yard to improve the drainage and adding a drywell is a good plan. However this isn't a DIY job unless you have a backhoe and bobcat. Contact several large landscaping companies for estimates.

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You can grade the surface away fro the foundation, and even install impervious buried material to limit water penetration near the wall.

You are likely to need to dig to the footer and install drainage to have any hope of solving the problem reliably though.

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