Price book, the opposite way - ?

ericasjMay 12, 2004

I'm thinking of trying this, and wondered if anyone else had.

Instead of keeping a price book for tracking good sale prices, I thought I might track full prices. I'd make up a grocery list, and make sure it was within my budget, based on paying full price for everything. Then whatever I save because of what's on sale, is "fun money."

Some weeks I have time to look at the grocery ads, dig out coupons, and make several trips for sales at different stores. But some weeks I can't! If I figure my whole budget on getting sale prices and then don't have time to chase them down, I just end up feeling guilty about overspending.

Maybe it would be more realistic to set a higher food budget and take bargains as a gift when they come along? Not necessarily as frugal, but maybe better psychologically. Any opinions?


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I think I know what you are saying and it makes sense to me. That way you will know a bargain when you spot it. Kathy

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Hi Erica,

I guess my feeling is, "Whatever turns your crank".

If it looks like a good idea to you, it may well work for you.

Doesn't seem a useless concept to me, though.

I hope that you won't feel guilty about assigning whatever priority seems indicated to this project, though - if it seems best to put it low on the priority scale, so be it: (especially if you aren't pushed for funds to meet your basic needs and some extra for "play money".

Each of us has different priority systems, and I hope that you feel comfortable with the ones that you choose.

In any case, if you don't - you can change 'em.

Hope you can find some time for just enjoying yourself - and in league with others in your family, if that's part of your lifestyle.

Good wishes to you and yours.

ole joyful

P.S. The nosey part of me is wondering whether "SJ' means "Society of Jesus" - the Jesuits?

oj (not "orange juice")

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Joyful, thanks for your reply.
Sorry, I'm afraid SJ is just for South Jersey. (We are practically a separate state, you know. LOL!)

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I always thought this was how a price book SHOULD work--helps you find out what the normal price is in your neighborhood, or which store always has a lower price on chicken, and helps you figure out what is a bargain, and when you should say "wow, that's way too high."

Sounds smart to me!

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