Keeping bacon, deli meats, lettuce etc fresher longer!

Glitter53May 24, 2005

Don't toss those cereal bags from inside your cereal boxes!

They're treated with a preserving agent (kept your cereals fresh, right?;-) and if you remove bacon from its original wrapper, rinse it all and place it into a cereal bag...voila! No gungy, goopy bacon, ever! The same with deli meats, lettuce, anything you want to keep fresher longer!

You're gonna love this one!! ;-D

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I am not sure if I understand. Do you rinse the bacon bag, put the bacon back in it and then put this package in the cereal wrapper? Do you keep all items in their original packaging and then place them in the cereal bags? Of course, I just threw away a box of cereal with its bag inside it. LOL

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Marie: toss out any packaging that the bacon, meats, etc came in. I rinse the bacon as it comes out of the package (as a whole), then pop it into the cereal bag.
Those packages that deli meats, bacon come in don't have any cereal bag preservatives in them, so the contents deteriorate more quickly. The bags are also great for any fresh veggies, too!
Honestly!!! You're gonna love this and treasure those cereal box bags! ;-D

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Thanks glitter I've been waiting for you to clear this up a bit more just so I can try it. I've got two bags saved up already. Can't wait to try this one for myself.

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Is it possible that this would also work with the bags that come in cracker boxes? We are rye Triscuit maniacs, and I always have plenty of those... though they're heavier I think than cereal bags... I'll give it a try and let you know.

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Yes, even cracker bags work! Keeps those crackers crisp and fresh....does the same for refrigerator foods...I use them for green onions, lettuce, deli meats, bacon, anything I want to keep fresher longer!
You're gonna love me for this one! hahaha!!!

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Do you rinse out the original cereal bag? What do you use to seal the bag with the new contents?

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Twist the open corner and seal it with those plastic doo-hickeys that hold bread bags closed.

I have a question.

They tell us to reheat food only in plastic containers that are microwave safe, as some of the chemicals in other types of plastic which may leach out into watery foods during heating/cooking may be harmful.

As prepared cereals are dry, do you suppose that some of the chemicals that impregnate the cereal bags might be harmful after leaching into replacement contents that have some liquid/water/fat in them?

Enjoy your weekend.

ole joyful

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;-D Hasn't hurt me yet, Joyfulguy! Actually, I doubt that the BHT (?) in the bags would be harmful if moist foods were put into them. I'm sure there would be a warning of some sort and/or they wouldn't be approved at all, even for dry foods. Just mho...I guess if I were concerned I could do a little research...

I'm curious to know if anyone's tried this and found that it saves their meats/lettuce for longer periods of time...I'm never faces with 'mucky' deli meats or bacon or wilted lettuce! Enjoy!

Anyway....from one Ontarian to another, Joyful....hope you try it anyway, and find it helpful! ;-)

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With deli meat, if I buy in bulk more than I need, I just freeze it. The day before I want it, I take it out and thaw it in the refrigerator.

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I bought Fridgesmart products from a friend who sells Tupperware, and they are AWESOME! Granted, they are an outlay at first, but they keep fresh veggies fresh at least twice as long, and lunchmeat and cheese too! It has little vents to adjust the amount of "breathing" the vegetables do and a printed on chart to tell you how to set the vents for different items. I love them. Of course, I spent a fortune at a party and then went yard saling and found some pieces for a few dollars from a former consultant who was clearing out her inventory. Ebay is another good place to look for it. I highly recommend it!

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I have the Fridgesmart and they are't working for me. Is there some trick that I don't know about?

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