how to end crown molding at a inside corner???

jaansuDecember 7, 2011

I am installing large crown molding in my kitchen and one wall ends at the family room where it encounters a ceiling beam. I can butt the molding right up against the beam. Is it possible to cut it a few inches short and fashion a 'return' on the molding end? I haven't tried this yet but I know it can be down with regular molding. My question is, what is usually done in this instance? I don't think I ever see crown that just ends at a wall. Usually it continues along the new wall. I want to install what is considered the standard style for this situation but I'm not sure how to look it up. And if it should be a 'return,' how do I fashion it?

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Just but it to the beam.

Returns are used when you need to end in the open, not against something.

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I agree: butt it to the beam.

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You can do whatever you think looks better. If there is just a single beam, I'd think butting into it would look fine. If it is something more like a bunch of rustic, exposed beams, then I'd stop short. A 3rd option would be to treat the beam like a 4th wall to the room and just wrap the crown all the way around.

A crown return is very easy. You just cut is like you would an outside corner and run it straight back to the wall.

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Why not continue it on the beam?

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Thank you all. I suggested to my wife to continue it on the beam but she voted against it. I shall simply butt it to the beam.
While I have your attention, I have another room where part of the ceiling follows the roof contour, thus the ceiling slants down at this point to a bookshelf wall. I think it would look odd to bring the crown down to the bookshelf which is only ~5' high. Thus I want to end the crown at the ceiling point where the wall/ceiling line begins to descend. How to end at this point? I could put in a return or I could do a more complex cut so that crown met all three surfaces.
Maybe I should repost this since the title is off focus now?

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Can you post a photo of the second wall?

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We had a couple rooms like that in our old house and the builder just put in returns. Looked fine.

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Returns look fine to end the molding 'in air' (as opposed to against something).

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