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rbenjaminMay 22, 2012

I haven't seen any postings on home gyms. We are thinking of converting an extra bedroom (12x12) into a home gym. Any pointers? I am thinking of blowing insulation into the interior walls to help muffle sound. I am also thinking of putting in a rubber floor to help with absorbing sound and vibration from machines and weights. I was thinking of mirroring one wall and hanging a plasma. I am also considering some large fans in the corners of the ceiling to help with air flow. Any other ideas?

As far as equipment goes:


-Universal machine with 160lb stack

-Spin bike

-Dumbbell stack

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I hope your room is a slab on grade. don't attempt this on an elevated floor unless you like the noise and vibration. A "rubber floor" won't help much.

If you're on a slab on grade, noise and vibration shouldn't be an issue. You might want the rubber floor or a gym mat to be easier on your feet though.

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12x12 is a bit small for all of that equipment. The dumbell stack wont take up much room to store, but you will need room to use the weights, which you won't have if you stuff everything else in there. I'd recommend rethinking and going with just one piece of cardio equipment and the weight stack. And you might want to add in a window unit AC because I don't think just extra fans will be enough to keep such a small room comfortable.

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This on the second floor. The house is very well built and I can jump up and down on the floor without shaking the rest of the house.

We spaced out the items and it all seems to fit - although there is not a lot of extra room.

My biggest concern is noise. One of the walls is shared with my daughter's room and I want to be able to do morning work-outs without disturbing her.

Any ideas for soundproofing? It seems my only real option is blown cellulose insulation.

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I strongly suggest that you jog in place for 5-10 minutes straight. Lift your feet high and simulate running on a treadmill. footfalls from running and elevated floors are not a good combination.

If there is living space below, have someone down there while you're running.

You'd best be ginger with any free weights as the impacts from even the a low "drop" are loud and annoying.

Everytime the stack bottoms out on the universal machine, it will be like dropping free weights.

Those footfalls/impacts go from the floor to the supporting wall so structrue borne sound and vibration will be transmitted to them.

It's your house so you don't have to worry about neighbors downstairs complaining (which I guarantee they would), but putting this exercise equipment on a second floor is ill-advised, unless your in a concrete framed industrial-type building. It's not a load carrying issue it's an impact noise and vibration issue.

That said - do whatever you want and good luck.

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Thanks for the comments. We are rethinking the location as a result. We will do some tests this weekend with some dumbbells and a pad on the floor to see if there is any movement at all downstairs.

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even if there's no "movement" some folks find the constant thumping pretty annoying. Putting it in the basement or on grade makes this a non-issue.

good luck.

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One thing you don't want is a room crowded with equipment and no space or not even space for mats or floor exercises, including Yoga and exercise videos if you choose to follow them. You'll feel closed in. I made that mistake. Instead of a universal machine that takes up tons of space, how about looking into a TRX strap system. They are incredible, works the entire body, and takes up virtually no room except when you are using it.

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