Tar & Gravel rook leak

htraceyMay 5, 2011

We bought our old (100 year old) house 2 years ago. Its an up/down douplex, and the updatirs tennants have just moved out. We got 2 inches of rain last night and when my husband went upstairs to do some work, he noticed that the roof was leaking in the bathroom. I have no idea how long this has been happening or why they didn't tell us (I'm a bit irritated about that).

When we bought the house, we were told the roof was 8 years old, putting it at about 10 years now. Are leaks in a tar and gravel roof normal at this age? I thought they were a 20 year roof!

Is this repairable? Can we do the repairs ourselves. I read somewhere that once your tar & gravel roof starts leaking, the whole roof is pretty much done... I really hope that isn't the case...

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I'm surprised that anyone would still use a tar and gravel roof even 8-10 years ago. Membrane roofs have pretty much made tar and gravel obsolete.

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First, I'd go up on the roof to look for anything obvious, such as deteriorated flashing at the roof edge, chimney or any penetration. You may also find a soft spot in the roof surface if there is significant water damage. Flashing repairs are usually fairly simple, other leaks are not so easily found or remedied. Of course, the leak in the roof isn't necessarily where you see the evidence from inside as the water can travel, unseen, until it finds a low spot in the rafter or ceiling to leak down.

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