Hand Towel Ring mounting blocked by duct

sdiver2489December 24, 2013

I am near completion of a bathroom upgrade. I was about to hang a hand towel ring to the wall when my stud finder reported a very wide stud area. I looked through my construction pictures of my house and found that there is a oval duct going up through the wall right where we want to mount the towel ring. Can I use a drywall anchor with sheet metal screw to attach this still or am I just SOL??

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what type of duct?
supply duct? return duct?
flex? sheet metal
or panned ( wall cavity used as duct)??

answer is don't know with so little
description. post the construction pic.

best of luck.

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How about spanning the studs with a real nice looking piece of wood that will go good with your decor then mount the towel ring on the wood.

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Hi sorry thought I specified. Hot air duct made of ovular sheet metal. I'll post the construction pic

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here is the picture

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Oval is usually exhaust venting and if so, it's incorrectly strapped.
Select another location.

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could be but not always.

hang on stud to right.
putting a hole in the duct won't support the
towel rack & will be a forever leakage
site on the duct.

best of luck..

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Looks like you could go a couple of inches to the left or right of the center of the duct and have clearance for a drywall anchor. Drill a 1/16" hole just through the sheetrock, probe by hand with the bit to see what clearance you have, and put in the anchor...or move it a few inches to a better position. The sryle of anchor in the link below is pretty solid and doesn't require much depth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Anchor

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From my experience I've found drywall anchors don't hold up over time when they're the only thing holding up towels bars/rings. The anchor eventually becomes loose from the constant use of the towel.

I'd look for another spot to mount the towel holder or buy a decorative towel stand/holder that sits on the counter.

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You're right that many drywall anchors fail, particularly those crappy, expanding plastic ones. The type I showed in my link have secured towel racks and TP holders without a problem for the last 10 years in my house. Another secure mounting technique is a molly bolt. However, nothing is as good as a stud.

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