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turboredcartMay 5, 2006

seems teh only activity is shopping and accumulating clutter. something is missing from life. i miss times of sitting out on front porch with neighbor.

How do i find a community where i fit in?

cash is tight- im retired.

i have nothing in commen with ppl in my town.

a planned community usually costs money- churches and cults can be judgemental.

i resent the "junk"= in my home. i endlessly throw it out. sort it.

i am 42, have no kids. live alone. i am not interested in dating a woman- but sorta would like to have a child.

the tvs constant scream of brainwashing- turns us into consumer zombies.

[i happen to not be heterosexual]

i had planned my suicide a few years ago.

if i donate my body to science free cremation.

my sister would sort thru all my personal effects.

my friend jenny-locked into the cant mode. jim is too busy at work- too picky on allocating time for our friendship.

my brther ed, too busy chasing wealth and 23 year old blong bubble girls. my other brother-is a two headed person with his 3.5 wife. mom is in the cant mode- and any idea i mention "you can get hurt"= EAT! but dont use teh bathroom.

i enjoy the web, and doing projects around house to fix it up. making it look like a place from teh future when it is old-

i never had a car payment

i wish i could time travel.

he who has the most toys doesnt win.


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Sounds to me like you should contact a mental-health professional. There are many many signs of depression in your post, and a psychologist or psychiatrist could work with you on both the emotional and physical disruptions you seem to be enduring. Good luck!

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--looking this over- I was very tired when I posted it. I am sorry everyone. Just thinking out loud in that.

I see a psychiatrist in july.

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I, I, I. Reach out to someone else. Volunteer. I, I, I never got anyone anywhere. Let us know when you make that appointment.


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It does take a lot to retrain the thinking and mental attitude. I went through quite a down time several years ago. When my mind would start to think something negative I would make myself think something positive. I retaught myself to Ask "How are you? What have you been doing? What makes you happy? how did you meet?What would you suggest? Can I help you? What can I do for was just a lot of thinking of someone else. It took my mind off myself and made others feel good I was thinking of them.
What does bring you joy? What have you done that you are able to retire at 42? That would be nice. It seems my life has been more costly as the years go on. Many repairs needed in my house, a great deal of dental work to be done as the dollars pass through so quickly. -one tooth at a time I borrowed from one day at a time- Many other things that could bring me down but then I think of those poor souls in countries that are getting
beat, murdered and tortured in ways too sad to mention.
You take care of yourself. "There is more happiness in giving than recieving"..

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not sure how this ended up in money saving tips???
but if you are genuinely reaching out ?
where else do you hang out on the web?
there are more questions than answers here.
as a person who despite what the american standard was/is thought of me always managed to stay pretty upbeat and despite it ALL a smiley face and some dancing bears werew always in the picture , meaning I was happy.
but recently over a period of time found out what true depression was/is and did not know it .
little doubt you typed out many things that are true keys to this sickness.
seek help A S A P.
not seeing this in youself is like the top 3 thing that is a key here. .
all that aside do you garden. ?
I like junk like you are throwing out find friends that like it also.
go find some kids or old people to talk to .
they have it all figured out. its all of us in the middle that don,t.
"it is not the crazy people you worry about!!!!!it,s the ones that don,t know it.!!!" pls. tell us how you are . Rick

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It takes a while to build a true friendship.

Doesn't happen overnight.

Have you posted over on the Kitchen Table forum?

There are a lot of fine people over there.

Caring, considerate, wise, compassionate and a few other positive characteristics.

They're more inclined to deal with issues such as you have, turbocharged red cart, I think.

Good wishes for a more satisfied week ahead.

That doesn't take place overnight, either.

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Try (I know it is not always easy) to do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Go and do it alone if you have to... we have Day of Caring coming up. Groups or individuals are being organized to do a bunch of things around town and for some individuals in need of help. I hope to make it and know I will be going biggy.

Sat is the local Lions pancake breakfast...I'm going to go by myself...again no biggie, (no one handy to go that day) and will enjoy a breakfast, smile at others there, and know my money spent will help with projects the Lions have.

In June is the Clean up party at Lake Hardy. I always go alone (know no one else with time or interest to go with me) and always meet some wonderful folks and enjoy the volunteer work I'm doing to benefit the State Park and lake. It makes me feel good...

Do you have an interest in gardening, as asked b4? Might there be a local gardening club. Might there be any beautification groups that would welcome a helping hand?

I'm curious...what does it mean to be locked in a 'can't mode?'

You say you accumulate and then get rid of clutter. Why not ask yourself b4 buying clutter, if you really want or need it, or if it will just end up being clutter to get rid of.

I quit buying clutter for myself and others and now buy usable things...usually for the outside or garden.

I'm 55, retired and on a budget, live alone, no kids, and love it. I have a significant other (BF of 25+ years) and lots of folks of all ages in my life. You can too.

Hang tuff...sometimes there are no easy answers out there..but there ARE answers .Best of luck in July. In the meantime, I wish you the best in things getting much better.


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wichitarick- all good suggestions EXCEPT, 911 is for life-threatening situations only. There are many mental health hotlines, etc. usually in the front of the phone book.

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yes I agree but....
even thought this was a little misplaced and so much on the web is real hard to define as "legitimate" I in pretty recent times have been the only contact to a person (my wife)
with very similar things on a check off list and spent huge amounts of time contacting everyone in this county that there is in the chain .
including 911 and trust me they do not have a problem with it I apoligized everytime I called and was told not to worry better safe than sorry.
also the only reason I added that was in real time a person really messed up will think the same way ,and not go to the trouble to look something up . just quick contact that is wahat a person needs. if this is legit. I hope he is o.k I now know personnally just how hard it is to get someone to actually see this and get you some help.
I,m not sure how many times now I have been told 'well is she a threat to someone else or herself'and if the answer is no getting help after that in this county is near impossible. if I could tell this whole story here 1/2 would think it was a lie and the other would call all the talk shows. just hope he finds peace Rick

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