' Summer Low Cost Entertainment Ideas? '

sharleeMay 13, 2007

Was speaking with a friend recently who wanted me to go to the coast with her. I mentioned that I really couldn't afford that right now & told her of some things I enjoy locally without the expense.

Farmer's Mkts: buy organic, having fresh fruit (strawberries are coming on now) & veggies. Most sellers have samples to try. Always entertainment to enjoy besides the "people watching". Today went with another friend & it was so much fun as it's within walking distance from my condo. Can always learn more about plants & flowers from the growers as they love to give their advice. Tomorrow, going on Mother's Day with my daughter to another one by the river as she understands my love of finding new plants & herbs. Guess we're picking up my son for his first time going even though his business is within walking distance. It's a good social time besides enjoying the crops & supporting the growers. A way to become involved in the community as there is always a booth with the city planners available. Be good for son's business, also, so hope he finds it a little more exciting than he anticipates.

The library by the river will have noon outdoor concerts starting next month, so will look forward to those. Used to walk to both but now live in another area where this library has indoor concerts, but can still walk to it. There is a jazz festival each summer where I can walk....

of course, the tickets are about $20 for an all day event, but Chris Botti was here last year.

Another fun thing right now is watching grandson's baseball games which are a 15min drive. Take a picnic. In the Fall one boy plays where I can walk a trail across the street to the field. That was a real bonus last year after I moved here....15miles from former home.

More to come...


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There are so many wonderful things to do in the summer that don't cost $$$

Our county park system has weekly concerts in the park--all different genre's of music from classical and opera to really famous artists (some current, some vintage). Free--all you have to do is bring a chair. And several mornings a week, they have concerts and theater productions for children, in the various parks around the county--again, all free. They have many, many other free events--craft classes, environmental activities, etc.

We live near a river that's known for it's great sculling--always fun to go and watch the crews racing.

Take the dog to the dog park--fun for both of you to socialize with your peers.

We, too, enjoy the local farmer's market and make it a weekly trek. Also, fun to go to the Amish market.

We live in a very historic area--there are so many towns around here where you can just go and wander and enjoy looking at architecture from the early to mid 1700's. Inexpensive jaunts--there are several local inexpensive ($2-5) museums. We can go to see the spot where the first complete dinosauer skeleton was discovered.

When dd was little, we used to make a field trip out of: pet stores, garden centers (especially those with pond supplies), the 'gem garden' (store that sold all kinds on interesting fossils, minerals, etc), science store.

How about the state fair? Expensive to go to, but when dd was little, she and I used to enter foods into the competitions each day--that way you got free tickets to attend the fair, and sometimes, you even won a ribbon or a prize!

And at the moment, there's a report that there's an alligator in a local pond. That's become quite an attraction.

Know there are lots more.

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I like to check out the local tourist information place. they have had a few brochures on where you can stroll the gardens of some older homes for free, as well as some out of way walking tour brochures, self guided walks explaining some of more interesting looking buildings around the town. Sure you live here but sometimes you don't notice or know alot about what is right in your own backyard. I love to go to the fish hatchery and see what fish are travelling through the local rivers. Living on the ocean, the beach is a great place to go....you can paddle, stroll along the sand or just sit and watch the clouds roll by or read something as you sit and just relax. Most of these cost little or nothing...I also like to see what local birds I can spy and have picked up a couple of second hand bird books to help identify what I do find....the library is also a great resource for me....they run some interesting summer programs and not just for kids. There are many things you can do for little or no cost......the trick is to seek them out. What do you like to do and where is it available in your area....pack a light lunch, take a hat and enjoy yourself...even just people watching is an interesting thing. It doesn't take money to enjoy oneself if you are resourceful.

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Tennis, volleyball courts available in some city parks locally.

Easy to set up a portable badminton net in any of the parks, take it home when finished.

Horse-shoes - but don't know whether there may be a pitch (or several) in local parks.

There's a Sunfest locally, mainly for kids.

And we've had the (free) Home County Folk Festival for a number of years in a local park.

Several local gathering places for seniors, which have number of activities (there's an annual fee: $40. or so).

ole joyful

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"Alternative weekly" newspapers - the free ones you can get at the coffee shop in most cities - are a great resource for finding free and low-cost activities. Generally it is free to list your event in their community calendar, so they seem to have more complete listings than other resources.

In addition to the summer concerts and festivals and other day trips which vary from town to town, check out your state park system. Since the original poster's friend mentioned a trip to the coast, there may be budget vacation options in your area too. A lot of state parks have pretty nice lodging available (it's not all outhouses and camping). The scenery is amazing and it's probably a lot cheaper than staying at a hotel.

As others have said, this is a great time of year to get out and enjoy the season. Happy summer everyone!

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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A few low cost but not no cost ideas:

Our local zoo and botanical gardens: We can buy a year long pass for $65 (now keep in mind there are 8 of us total), that is good for some special events, comes with a few free daily passes for friends, and allows free or reduced admissions at something like 200 zoos and aquariums around the country as well as as many times as we want to daily admission. For our family, even one trip a year pays for the pass. We bring our own snacks and liquid refreshment.

Our local science center: $50 will get you the same daily pass for a year, with similar benefits as the zoo. In addition to the constantly changing exhibits.

Our library has a summer reading program, free and good up to 8th grade.

The state parks also have a year pass. For $30 a year, we can go to most state parks (there are 3-4 excluded) in our state free. That's swimming, some summer programs, beach (a lake beach, but the kids don't care). We take a lunch and spend the day. BBQ, it's great fun.

Our town has "First Fridays" kind of a carnival the first Friday of the month.

Then there's the museums, they have one free day per month.

The colleges in the area have "dress rehearsals" that you can get reduced tickets to.... plays, symphonies, ballet, all kinds of things.

The local military base has open air concerts (free) and a couple of carnivals (free to get in, costs only for rides and games)

A nearby town has First Saturday. Music and exhibits (more for grown ups)

Parades in nearly every little town, all summer long

Movies on the Green: wandering outside movie (fairgrounds or golf courses) for about $1 each. (older movies) Also dollar theaters. Older movies, but still good for an afternoon's entertainment.

Various fair things: Arts in the Heart (a crafts fair), Greek Fest, River race (a rubber ducky race for charity.... there are about a million of them... quite the sight!!), Dog Days of Summer (concert series), 4th of July on the River (fireworks etc...)... I can't remember the rest, but there are about 2 a month until the end of summer

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