Removing a Stubborn Ceramic Tile from Bathroom Wall

chipster_2007May 6, 2011

I am trying to remove 1 tile that is badly discolored from the bathroom wall. I have tried cutting around grout with a blade but that has not been successful. I have drilled holes in it hoping to be able to chip it off with a chisel. NO success. I am a little fearful about proceeding. Do I have any other options, ie could I fill in the drilled holes with something and then paint over it with a special paint if one exists or is there a better way to remove the tile? Any assist is greatly appreciated.

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Drill holes and then break the tile up and remove the smaller pieces.

A plugging chisel for brick work has a narrow tip for clearing out mortar joints.

Use it in the hole you have driven into the joint between the tile and the backer it is on.

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Where would i find a plugging chisel? In the big box stores? Thanks.

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More likely a real hardware store.

They are usually about 1/4 inch wide to clean out mortar joints in brick.

A big box might have them around the masonry/brick supplies.

If you cannot find on a 1/4 inch cold chisel can be made to work, they are just harder to hit firmly.

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