Simple five-word money-saving formula

joyfulguyMay 19, 2009

Spend less than you earn.

ole joyful

P.S. (Sneaky) seven-word corollary: Don't spend money till you earn it.

o j

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"Always Live Within Your Means"

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If you should happen to be a GM retiree ...

... I'll bet that you're wondering just what "your means" is to be.

Had I suggested, eight years ... five years ... ago ...

... that one of these days GM might be considering going bankrupt ...

you'd have laughed me out of town!

I'm not suggesting that I considered that a possibility, myself - I didn't.

Will you let me change my recommendation that *everyone* should have at least 3 months' worth of income, but better 6 - 9 months, or, even better, a year's worth of income in case the one that you'd been counting on ... died?

How about - five years worth?

These are uncertain times in which we live.

And about to get uncertainer.

I'm feeling sad about the folks that I've recommended that they build those 3 mos. to a year of financial cushions ... who chose not to do so - for whatever reason.

I'm not big on, "I told you so".

Dad used to say that it did no good to cry over spilled milk.

Better to go hunting for a hungry cat ... or a rag or a mop.

Good wishes for having your financial house in order - it sure is nice to have some wigglin' room.

ole joyful

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"Stop! Don't buy. Go home."

I like the other advice better.

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Our rule was "Live below your means".

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"Who cares about the Jones'"

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Hi again Bud,

You have the option of adding another word ... which I doubt that you'll feel it necessary to do, you being frugal and all.

As long as one has the essentials adequately covered ... why add unnecessary verbiage, right?

I hope that you're having a lovely spring, out there on the temperate coast.

ole joyful

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OK - Always live below your means. 5 words, but so true. Spring has been cooler than normal, but at least it is here. Enjoy. Budster

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