joyfulguyMay 31, 2003

I live in a group of several 6-unit townhouses and there's another set, a co-operative, across the street.

Last night, before garbage day today, a whole raft of a variety of things appeared along their curb - 50 - 60 feet or so of stuff.

A rather old desk, air conditioner, some structures that must have been retail display boards, chest of drawers and kid's dresser with pulls molded into plastic face, bed frame (in plastic wrap), TV cabinet, some shelves (needed some repair), drain pan for auto motor oil and bags of stuff. It seems that someone had inherited a home, with all the stuff in it.

A van pulled up, the guy walked off with a couple of kitchen-style wooden chairs - then brought them back in about a minute. I asked what was wrong - he whispered, "broken" - while he was on his phone. One was short a spindle, the other a broken brace holding legs - which could easily be glued, but it was rather cross-grained.

Several tenants here were looking the things over.

Then they carried out a glass top for a table - about 4.5 ft. x 3 ft. With a nice metal-frame stand.

No one there wanted it, and a couple of neighbours had asked a few others about it. I went to about a dozen doors. One couple, recently arrived from Brazil, asked me why I told them - I said just being neighbourly. Shame to throw such a valuable table into the garbage.

I wanted to bring it home - but little use for it and nowhere to put it. Even wondered about advertising in the newspaper.

Finally, after our building manager's husband came home, they took it.

They checked things over carefully - by flashlight. Got some nice pillows, a cat's bed, stuffed toys, large number of kids' trucks, car toys, kid's hand puppet, etc. I said if they weren't going to use them all, I could take some to the abused women's shelter.

I brought home air conditioner (haven't plugged it in to try yet), some heavy plywood, card table (seat 6) and four chairs, pair of skates, high-top sort of cowboy boots (to give to my shoe repair guy), buffing tool, screws and nuts.

And 3 beer bottles, to add to bunch I've gathered, along with aluminum beer cans - all worth 10 cents each, while picking up pop cans along roadside.

I'll have to take some pop cans to the metal dealers, soon, or they'll crowd me out of even more of this place. But the metal dealers are on the other end of the city and I don't have many errands in that area.

It would have to be in the van - which is a *lot* harder on gas than the little Colt.

I goofed - university closed a couple of weeks ago and students throw out a lot of stuff, but I didn't cruise those streets.

I should rent an old barn to store such stuff. Actually - I know a couple of guys who do have their own barn full of such stuff. I should make a deal with them.

A number of people in the rural community, when they need something, call them or pay a visit.

Good wishes to all for a lovely spring/summer weekend.

ole joyful

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Way to go joyful! Like you I would have been out there checking things over. It amazes me what some people "trash"....they could have been given to some low income group or my area they take most anything. There is always someone in need. What a waste.

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Hi Joyful Guy,
I haven't gone "Curb Cruisin'" for a few weeks, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I always look forward to what you have to brighten my day each and every time!!!
Blessings (and Joy) to you!

    Bookmark   June 26, 2003 at 2:19PM
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