Remove door handle to paint - how to?

qmarkerMay 13, 2013

I have a new condo that has an exterior storage closet. The door handle is awfully faded from the sun & I want to spray paint it back to black to match the entry door just a few feet away.

My problem is I've never removed a door 'handle'. I always had round knobs in the house I just sold. This is the long handle type and it locks with a key.

I've never removed or dealt with anything but a round knob without a lock and also never took one out or installed one with a lock.

Am I thinking over my head or can someone tell me this is not brain surgery and I can do it. I am not afraid to tackle much of anything but I don't want to mess up an outside lock and have to call a locksmith.

I see the two phillips head screws one on top and bottom of the long handle which no doubt remove it but will I mess up the locking mechanism in any way or is putting it back together a no-brainer?

Thank you for your advice.

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Many are held on with a pair of set screws, some with a single screw, others with all sorts of odd ball latching mechanisms.

Try removing the screws.

If they are hex recess (AKA 'Allen' head screws) make sure you use a quality correctly sized wrench.

It should barely fit in the recess.

Bondhus and Allen are both good brands.

'No names' are rarely sized or hardened correctly.

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Without a picture, I'm not sure what you mean by 'long handle', but taking it off by removing the two screws is the way to go.

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