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JLS1987May 10, 2012

We are utilizing a contractor to repair some rotted Masonite siding on our house. He just installed roughly 8 sheets of new siding (Masonite equivalent/match from Lowe's) and every piece has a slight tear/crack at the bottom right-hand corner (not very deep at all but they all penetrate the outside material). When I asked the contractor about it and that we wanted these replaced, he said this is normal and was caused by the band holding the stack of siding together and happens all the time. He indicated when they prep/caulk prior to painting, there will be no risk of future water damage. He did agree to replace two of the eight sheets as these were slightly indented more than the others but said the others were completely fine. He said he would warrant the others for 10 years.

Does it sound reasonable that a tear to the outside material poses no additional risk given that we are paying for NEW replacement siding? Thanks for any feedback to see if we are being unreasonable in our request to replace it all.

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Not in my book, will he give you the warranty in writing and include material, installation and finishing costs as well as anything else that may be damaged as a result? From my perspective this is exactly why you do not deal with Lowes and or HD, this should not have been sold as is nor should the store have accepted a damaged product (unless the incompetent help at the store damaged it).

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Dangerous letting that type of thing go with masonite. Dangerous!

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With the big box stores you really need to pick the undamaged pieces. Other people sort and put the bad pieces back on the top. Sounds like your contractor took pieces off the top. He could have cut the bad section off before he installed the pieces. Warranties are only good if the contractor honors it or are still in business. Get it fixed to your satisfaction before you paid for the job.

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