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joyfulguyMay 17, 2006

Even though it's a slightly decadent habit, I've enjoyed choc. covered almonds for years.

Problem: having had all but three teeth removed, and they all in lower jaw, I can't cope very well with choc. covered almonds.

If I soak 'em long enough to be able to do an even half-way decent job of crackin' 'em with the gums (not too attractive a task) ...

... by that time all of the choc. is long gone.

Oh! Unjoy!

So - when my ex- died upwards of 2 years ago, I fell heir to her blender (actually, it may have been the one we had prior to her departure, 35 years ago).

Choc. covered almonds after processing in the blender turn into a mixture of a lot of particles of choc. and of almond - just right for an (almost) toothless mouth.

However ... when I buy choc. covered almonds in the food store, they're considered "snacks", thus taxable.

When I buy salted peanuts in bulk - snack - taxable.

If I buy unsalted - food - not taxable.

So I buy them, smilingly add salt from shaker: beat the tax people!

Problem: salt slips down through all the peanuts, collects at the bottom of the container.

If I buy a pack of two doughnuts - snack - taxable.

If I buy a dozen in a package - food - not taxable!

Light bulb shines in brain:

If I buy almonds - food - not taxable.

If I buy choc.chips - food - not taxable.

Throw some of each into blender.


Produce tiny particles of almond. Tiny particles of choc. All mixed together - same as noted above. Mouth is happy. I'm doubly happy: beat the tax people, too.

Hey! bulk peanuts not too great in almost toothless mouth, either, even if unsalted.

Drop some peanuts into blender.

Processs lightly.

Shake in some salt.

Process some more.

Shake in some more salt.


[Grind 'em a bit too long - you got peanut butter ... which, if you let sit for a couple of days, oil collects at top, as product not homogenized - life do have its problems!)

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Here's one for ya!

Big gob of smooth peanut butter in microwavable cup/bowl
OR peanuts ground down to peanut butter
a sprinkle of choc chips

Warm in microwave. Stir lightly
eat while warm

Wallah! Like an instant warm peanut butter cup...in a cup

All non taxable too!

oj...I get the greatest kick and joy out of all your posts.


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Thsnk ya, Sue.

Thast should be tasty - I'll try it.

I got the devil a couple of days ago for being anti-U.S.

Being sneaky, too, sort of sliding the barbs in underhanded-like.

I have respect and affection for your country - Sue was from Iowa, kids have dual citizenship.

But when you perceive that someone that you care about has problems, are you doing them a favour by keeping your mouth shut?

Does a doctor who diagnoses cancer, or some less drastic illness, do his patient any favour if, concerned about the immediate emotional upset to the patient, s/he keeps her/his mouth shut?

There's self-interest, too - Canada does 3/4 of our export-import business with the U.S. When you guys get a sneeze - we get pneumonia.

Some years ago when I was expressing concern about so much of our business being bought by outsiders, some fellow workers said they didn't care about the owner, as long s they had a job.

I said that in some cases, if there is equal profitability in the work of two plants and business shrinks, in some cases the plant in the country of the parent may be kept open, but the one in a foreign country closed down.

Some would say that I need not be concerned these days - being retired, I'm not in need of running around looking for employment.

But if a major part of the work force becomes unemployed, or working in low-pay jobs, they won't be paying much into pension funds, so ...

... payouts to me may be drastically curtailed.

Or suffer cessation.

When you drop a stone into a quiet pool ...

... as with under-sea earthquakes, the ripples run a long way.

Good wishes to you and yours, Sue.

ole joyful

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I hate paying sales tax. Heck, you pay tax on money you earn, then AGAIN when you spend it. In a fast food restaurant, you pay sales tax, but not on items of food purchased in a grocery store. I never understood the reason for that. A cup of coffee (small) is 75 cents, but 81 including tax. And when we bought a new car in 2004, a salesman offered us a "rebate", equal to the dealer paying the sales tax for us. No idea if the state ever saw one penny of it.

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The State saw theirs - dealer just wrote the price down enough so that amended car price plus sales tax on that amount equalled sticker price of car.

Actually, after all is said and done, I don't object too much to taxes (though I do plan ways to avoid them): I want police and fire, decent streets - and we have more highway miles per person than in the U.S., and they require more maintenance due to severe winter weather.

Water and sewer systems maintained - they say that some sewers in the city I just left still have a few sewers made of timber: politicians would rather cut ribbons on new buildings than fix hundred-year-old (invisible) sewers. I want quality medical care. Plus (though I have no grandkids) high quality education, to keep our kids competitive in tomorrow's tough world.

Care for people coping with disabilities, seniors needing slight in-home care, or in residential institutions.

Can't do all that without income for governments.

Have an interesting week. Smile at someone every day - they'll wonder what you've been up to.

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Being anti US? Surely you jest! I'm sure it was in the nicest of ways, knowing you. Can you elaborate or would it be better discussed at the Hot Topics Forum? lol

Years ago I knew of an elderly woman who had cancer. She was not told, but the folks who looked after her and saw to all of her wants/needs were told. The elderly woman was up in years, the cancer was a friendly or very slow growing sort, and the doctor knew the cancer would never be what would cause her to die. She lived not knowing for several years b4 her ticker quite ticking. In that case I really think the Dr did his patient a favor.

You said, " Smile at someone every day - they'll wonder what you've been up to." How true that is...how often does someone inquire, "What are you smiling about?"...like one needs a specific reason....heck, my smile is permanent...just like my wrinkles.

Sue...a seven year cancer survivor...now 'cured'

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They say that, as some prostate cancer is slow-growing, a lot of old guys die "with" prostate cancer ...

... but not "of" it.

Big difference.

Our family has prostate troubles.

I need to get my annual medical - overdue.

Have a joyous week.

o j

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