Fridays Painting

jacksmumOctober 1, 2005

LOL Please be gentle.

My daughter has already made fun of the alien tree and the dancing dog has drawn lots of "What the ...?" comments.

Next week will be easier as instead of going to art class i'm going skydiving!! I find the weeks we draw figures very hard but it's all a learning curve and I'm still having fun.

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Sue- we used to dance our dog like that. An I think your tree looks good too. There is no perfect tree!
I like it.
And have fun skydiving. You're braver than I am!!

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I think that's a great picture..You did a super job..Sue
Have fun Sky Diving..

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Is that a dog? (Urlee running faster than ever)

Seriously, You did a terrific job!
I love the arrangement and the coloring of all.


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Sue - Is that you in your Sunday dress? Don't wear it sky diving, and hang on to your hat. I can believe you are painting, but can't believe you are going sky diving. Have you lost your mind?


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LOL Thanks folks.
Elaine how can I lose something that I never had?? :)

The skydive is a family venture for Mandy's 18th birthday - her dad and I will jump with her symbolicly representing her leap from childhood to adulthood and our unwavering support as she ventures out on her own adventures - her brother has sensibly decided to keep both feet on the ground. LOL

I'll post pics of the jump once my feet are firmly back on soil. Mandy also wants to try bungee jumping but that is something she will be doing totally on her own - I'm slightly crazy but not insane!!
Sue :)

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I'll be waiting to hear about this adventure. This would be your friend, clawing at the door of the plane!

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