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jannieApril 17, 2007

I've been reading the grocery ads and using coupons for years. Last week there was a buy one/get one free coupon. It was for a roll of Bounty paper towels. Buy one,get one free WITH ADDITIONAL STORE PURCHASE OF $75. Now isn't that a lot to ask? I've seen purchase requirements of $10 to $40 but never this much. I tend to be a frequent shopper. I may buy four to ten items at a time, I don't usually spend $75 at once.

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It appears that in my area the best coupons have that additional purchase attached to it. I shop where all the sales are so i usually dont spend that much. I live in Wisconsin and i found out that they have WAY better sales in Illinios. My mom lives in Illinios and will bring over her paper. What a surprise to see the same product with better coupon and/or better sale prices. I use to shop in Illinios all the time but since oil companys have been robbing us, i cant afford too.

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