Some shingles are missing from my roof

eahamelMay 4, 2012

We had a bad windstorm a few weeks ago. Yesterday I discovered that several shingles have come off the ridge vent. I have plenty of replacement shingles but no money to pay anyone to replace them.

Is this a big enough problem that I need to find some money to get the shingles replaced? Can this wait a while? There don't seem to be any missing anywhere else.

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What type of ridge vent do you have? Getting them replaced may very well allow water into your attic which will soon enough be in the house.

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I don't understand the question. What material is it made from? It looks like some sort of hard rubber or plastic material. It came from Lowe's or Home Depot. I don't understand how putting new shingles on could allow water into the attic, either. Can you please explain both?

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Some types of ridge vents only need shingles for appearance and long term protection from the sun.

Others require shingles to be present to remain waterproof.

You need to know the type of ridge vent to even decide if it there is an immediate leak issue.

If the ridge vent relies on shingles to be water tight, the next rain will enter your attic.
The damage from that will likely be small in comparison to having the shingles replaced.

The first thing you can do is go in the attic and see if you see any light at the missing shingle locations.

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Thanks, brick! What you're saying is very helpful. I went into the attic, and there's no light showing. From the outside, I can see under the ridge both where there are shingles and where there are none. I don't think it relies on shingles to be water-tight. The ridges are solid lengths of ridge. I can't walk in the attic to the ridges, it's full of insulation and covers the framing boards that I could walk on, but I can see enough to tell that no sunlight is coming in. We've had one rain since this windstorm, and seem to be in a drought period now, so it isn't critical that I get this done today. I'll get someone over to at least look at the ridges and see what needs to be done, thanks.

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