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beanwabrApril 6, 2009

I wasn't sure where to post this (sorry if in wrong place).

We had Terminix for years, but because of a financial situation plus the fact that they increased their price we can no longer use them at this time. Back in January 2007 when we had mice, we were given glue boards (which we could have bought---and did---at the dollar store). So far no roach problems and I want to keep it that way. Any recommendations on product/s that we can purchase to do it ourselves / and where to find them? There were lots of times that we weren't home and only the outside was treated; to keep the outside creatures from entering our home.

I appreciate any info! Thanks!

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There are do-it-yourself "pest sprays" available at the hardware store that can "safely" be used indoors. It comes in a gallon bottle (sometimes with a sprayer).


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We use Ortho Home Defense Max, which we get at our local Ace Hardware, but other stores probably carry it also. Here in Texas we have two of every bug invented, and the Max works both as an insecticide and as a barrier.

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Do you have a reason to suspect you will develop a roach problem? DH and I have never had a service like Terminex, nor used any insecticides in our home, yet don't have bug problems. I think it's not a good idea to use insecticides in your home unless there is a good reason for doing so.

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None of it is safe if the container has warning or danger on it. I don't keep cardboard boxes in my home except for a few doll boxes and they are stacked off the floor. Bugs love corrugated boxes to nest in. I have only had a roach problem one time in my life and that was when I was young and lived in an area of duplexes, in other words, lots of people in a small area.

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I grew up having roaches and was/am terrified of them. My parents home is still infested (so I visit rarely), just because of that. I can remember way back in elementary school one crawled from my bookbag onto the desk where several of us were sitting; I used to have to shake out my shoes each A.M. to rid them of the bugs. Then in 1998 I noticed a few starting in my new home so I figured some must have sneaked into my purse when I had been at my parents. No more, which is why we started pest service and with it, no problems.

Guess my fear now is that I have four very sloppy kids who are always leaving stuff out and I'm acting as sole maid (we're still trying to resolve this!). Just paranoid that without Terminix we'll start having this nightmare reoccur so I'm planning ahead for it now. Thanks!

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