L@@king for a Wanted Poster Generator..

sapphiresOctober 22, 2005


I really would like to make a Wanted Poster. I know there is a generator for this at glassgiant.com but it is not working at this time according to webmaster. Does anyone know of another site? I did a google search and all the links I tried take you to glassgiant.com. When my grandchildren get together they really tear up the playroom. I took pictures for their scrapbooks and the theme is "Crime Scene" this poster would fit in nicely with the theme as well as the yellow police line tape I made. Any help appreciated. Thank you.


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Hi Sapphires
How about a Google IMAGE Search.
I just did one and found quite a few wanted posters.
I know it's more work but I'm sure they could be edited to include your grandchildren.
Sue :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wanted Images

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You could try this site, I came across it while checking out the put your face on a pumpkin post on the Kitchen Table forum

Here is a link that might be useful: Wanted poster

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Thanks for the link, I will check those images out. I need to be able to insert text and picture. Like you said this might be more work but worth checking into. Thank you.

Thanks for the link, but like many of other links I tried it leads to to the glassgiant.com which is the one that's not working at this time. Thank you though for the reply.


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Sapphire - Please send me a message and I have a tube for you if you use PSP.

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