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davestexasSeptember 23, 2012

Some years ago I found an old 8mm movie of family taken back in the 50s. Had it transferred to VHS tape. Made the mistake of sending the master copy to my father who decided to put voice-over audio explanations of the different scenes/people. Doing so worked, but also made a mess of audio 'noise'. I'm wondering if there is a way to clean-up that audio 'noise'? I'd like to then transfer that tape to CDs or SD cards. The tape is less than 10min in length.

What type of place should I look for? The business that did the original transfer from film to tape went out of business long ago.


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If you have the original 8mm, it is worth getting it converted to a digital format so that it can be put on a DVD or SD card. The quality is a lot better and you cna then edit it pretty easily on a computer.

Where in Texas are you? I know places in San Antonio that do good work.

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Thanks for the reply. I don't have the 8mm film in my possession, but I'm fairly sure I can get it back. I'm outside of Austin 20mi.

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I am in San Antonio and used:


They did excellent work.

There should be places in austin that do the same service. I googled and found:


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