Elaine_CanadaSeptember 23, 2006

All of a sudden I notice that I can still use my PSPv9, but when I try to close it - it won't shut down. I have to go through the Task Mgr. and it always says "not responding". Anybody able to tell me what might have happened, or what I should do?


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I use PSP10 and more often than not the same thing happens when I try to close, have to go through Task Mgr.I've got no idea why.

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Are you speaking of when you are going to shut down your computer?
I have had that happen if I do things too fast and don't give PSP time to "go back into it's shell" so to speak.

Close PSP and wait awhile, (take a sip of coffee and bite of your doughnut) then shut down and see if it does as usual.


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Nope Urlee - I'm talking about PSP v9. It's the program itself. I click on the red x in the corner, it sits there forever, sometimes the layer pallette will turn white - but it won't shut down. The task mgr. tells me PSP v9 is not responding, so I click "end task" and PSP shuts down. Just started doing this - weird - it's responding while I use it, but can't shut it down!

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