Hanging a pre-hung interior door... need advice.

christyincoMay 9, 2011

Posted May 09, 2011 10:03 AM

I already tried to just move my hollow core door from one jam to the next and that was a disaster - had to take too much off the door.

So, I'm debating either an existing prehung door (installing new jam, etc.) or just buying a solid door to fit the existing jam.

Which would you suggest as being the easiest to tackle (oh, by the way, I saw an advertisement for Quick Door Hangers and they take the mess out of shims)?

Also, any tips or words of advise would be most appreciated. I'm very nervous about taking this on.


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Fine Home-building had a good tutorial on installing pre-hung doors a few issue ago.

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If there's nothing wrong with the existing jamb, why bother with the trouble of replacing it? You could use a solid slab or in some cases, pre-hung hollow doors can be so cheap that you can just toss the jamb.

Is this an odd sized door?

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Hanging a prehung is almost always easier for a DIYer than fitting a slab to an existing jamb. I recommend using trim head screws instead of nails since adjusting the shims is much easier.

Basic quick and neat prehung procedure:

Shim hinge side plumb(that is straight vertically). You need a long level. Remember to shim the bottom up temporarily(for flooring/ventillation clearance). Just make sure the edgesof the jambs are even with the walls.

Next, install the top of the jamb so there is an even gap when the door is closed.

Next, install the latch side so there is an even gap with the door.

Install trim.

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The easiest to tackle? Pre-hung without a doubt. Fitting a new slab to an existing opening is a much higher skill level.

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First step before h-macs advise is to check the opening at the floor for level. If out compensate before setting the hinge side otherwise it could affect the striker side.

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