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Partsman41953May 6, 2012


My central AC unit is out and until I can get it replaced I am looking for a portable AC/heater to use to cool my 500+ sq foot living room. I have looked online on a few different models but I am not sure which one to purchase. I have looked at the Delonghi, Soleus, and Edge Star but like I said not sure at this point which is the best one. This unit is going to be on a hardwood floor so I am looking at a unit that will not leak.


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Combination units are more expensive than separate units. portable units are more expensive than window units. None are guaranteed not to leak. You have to monitor the water produced.

You'd be better off putting that $500-$700 into repairing what you currently have.

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I would begin by getting a 2nd opinion on your central. Far too many HVAC techs get a commission for selling new units so they are sometimes quick to condemn a unit rather than repair it.

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I have had 4 people take a look at my 15 year old Carrier split system AC/heat pump unit and they all would not recommend putting any more money into the system as not only is the fan going but also the control box needs to be replaced as no power is going to the thermostats. I would rather not put any more money into that system and purchase a portable unit until I can replace the central air hopefully the first part of next year. I appreciate the suggestion though.

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Don't buy a portable heat pump with one hose. Consider only those with two hoses, one for intake and one for exhaust.

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