Anchors to mount shelves on a plaster wall

bronwynsmomMay 24, 2010

Hullo, experts!

I want to hang a couple of shelves on a plaster chimney wall in my renovated 1893 city house. The wall is clean and in good repair, but I don't know what's behind the plaster. I suspect it's likely to be brick.

The shelves are simple 24-inch by 8-inch by 1-1/2-inch slabs (hollow, I think) from West Elm, not very heavy, with three keyholes along the back edge to slip over screw heads. I need them for some small books (a pocket dictionary, my calendar book, a couple of similar small reference and journal books) and some desk tools (stapler, tape, paper clip cup, and the like).

How should I proceed?

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You are going to have to determine exactly what is behind the plaster since that directly affects what type of anchors can be used.

The plaster itself will not hold any significant weight (a couple pounds at most).

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Thank you, brickeyee.
I'll ask the architect who did the renovation, and hope he remembers!
I assumed I would have to drill into whatever is back there...brick, or lath and plaster...and if it's lath, will I need to find a stud? If that's the case, I will likely have to mount a board on the wall and put the mounting screws into that. Would that be a good solution?
And what if it is brick?
(I am already wondering how much I want these shelves on this wall...!)

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