Mending socks......

budsterApril 11, 2005

Not everyone does.....some toss those with minor holes into the trash with the thought they are cheap enough to replace. Me, well I'm a fence sitter...some I mend and wear and others too well worn I toss. Reason for this question? I bought a wooden egg for sock mending the other day and had two people ask what you use it for. It has egg sock stamped on it...wonder what they thought it was for. Budster.

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Hi again, Budster,

Actually, Easter has passed, hasn't it ...

... came early, this year.

Snow hardly off the ground.

For darning/patching arms of sweaters or jackets, or pants, I like to use a 2-litre pop bottle.

What do you suggest that I use in a pocket to keep from sewing the one side through to the other when patching or replacing the bottom that has developed holes? Sort of hard on fingers.

My friends, who operate a shoes-off home, kid me about my socks - fairly bright (no, not shocking) green on a black or gray sock.

I got the ball of wool at a discount store some years ago - for 50 cents. One couldn't let a bargain like that go, could one?

A friend recently gave me some maroon and some black wool, so I'll have some more choice. I once had one of those packages that had several hanks of various colours, but most of them are gone. Haven't seen such packs for some time.

I have a nuber of socks in a (growing) bag that need darning (do I put the mate that doesn't need darning into the bag, as well?) but haven't got around to any for some time.

Recently moved and there are quite a few work socks left behind in uncle's home, so I'll have a few extra.

Probably won't be mending for a while.

Too much searching for stuff that's " ... somewhere in a box ... " that I can't find.

Did some preliminary calculation of income tax last evening (our deadline isn't till April 30) as I'm to help on Thursday as a volunteer in a clinic in a local shoppng centre where income tax returns are prepared at no cost for low-income folks by volunteers trained by the income tax people. I needed to become familiar with the forms, as I did not take the training upgrade, this year.

Happy to report that with income of about $38,000., it looks as though I'll have a tax liability of under $3,600.

Enjoy your week.


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I have a darning egg that was my grandma's....I love it but I don't darn socks. The reason I don't darn socks is that when my DH and I first got engaged, his mom told me she was going to teach me how she darned socks....she picked up a sock with a hole in the toe, ripped it to make a huge hole and then threw it in the trash can. I figured what was good enough my her was good enough for me. Oh my, that was over 42 years ago.
I darn other stuff mostly using my sewing machine.

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My very frugal mother advised me to throw them away. Her theory was that they were uncomfortable and would need darning again very soon.

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Hi lynne melb,

Was your Mom descended from the princess ...

... who proved that she was a princess by feeling a pea that was under the fifth mattress down the pile?

You don't feel discomfort unless you've done a *very* poor job of the darning.

My Grandma, part of a family of farmers, used to say that a patch was honourable - but that a patch upon a patch was ...

... dishonourable.

I may have patched upon a patch a few times.

Oh, yes, I have - repairing pockets on pants!

Have fine day, all.

ole joyful

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