Green Giant expiration dates....

krissie55April 15, 2007

Thought you would be interested in email I recieved regarding expiration dates. This may be of value for any Betty Crocker product.

Subject: Betty Crocker Web Response 2007/02/01-2319 JES

From: Betty Crocker
Date: 2/1/2007 1:29pm

Dear Valued Consumer:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Green Giant regarding product codes.

Manufacturing codes are used internally as a way of tracking production. Our manufacturing codes are composed of a series of letters and numbers, usually on the top or bottom of the packaging. The letter, from A-L stands for the MONTH the product was produced. "A" stands for January, "B" stands for February, and so on through "L" for December. The second symbol is always a number. It is the last digit of the Year the product was packaged. For example, B0P25 would indicate that the product was manufactured on February 25, 2000.

For best quality we recommend using our Green Giant canned vegetable products within 2 years of the manufacture date, with the exception of:

Peas = 3 years

Mushrooms = 4 years

For best quality we recommend using our Green Giant frozen vegetable products within one year of the manufacture date, with the exception of Corn-on-the-Cob, which is 20 months.

We appreciate your interest.


Jack Stone

Consumer Services

Originated by Consumer How do I determine expiration date on canned Green Giant Niblets Whole Kernel Corn?

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I thought that most canned goods lasted a long time. I had some green beans that had an expiration date of over a year ago. "Nah", I said, "they'll be fine". The first puncture of the can told me a different story. Even the cats left the room.

Pay attention to canned goods expiration dates!

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I sort of hate to admit this but ...

... a couple of weeks ago I opened a can that was dated about 1990, I think - don't remember what it was, I think larger than a can of soup.

It was salmon.

Stuff looked, smelled, tasted O.K., I ate it, I'm still here (and no complaints from the gut).

I had a can of pineapple juice perforate about 5 years ago and make a mess of the cabinet and some contents, only became aware of it when it dripped down on the stove.

Confession time over.

ole joyful

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