Using a 1/2HP Door Opener for a 16' Wide Sliding Door

hachMay 25, 2010

Dear Friends:

Hopefully this forum will help me with this issue...

I have a 139.53648SRT2 Model Craftsman Door Opener which I used several years for a 8' wide sliding door, actually I used two for two doors the same size at the same gate. Now, I remodeled my house and put a new single gate, 16' wide!, with double wheels and top and bottom.

Somebody told me I could use one of the same door openers to operate the sliding gate. I bought an extension T-rail/chain/cable for it and added the extra length needed. Another piece of info is it takes about 230 lbs to initially pull/push the gate to open or close (A dealer employee told me the capacity of these motors is about 340lbs...).

Well, I did all the required extension work and tested the motor before installing... only to find out it only slides about 11' and not the 16 feet I need to fully open or close my gate.

Any ideas about this situation? Am I using the right door opener or I have to find or buy another model? Any advise will be appreciated.

Thanks for any help... Blessings,

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These openers are limited by the design of the open and close limit assembly. Even adding an additional extension would not help you. Genie uses a simpler limit control which may be the answer to your problem. Unfortunately it involves replacing the opener.

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Thanks Don...

I was afraid that was my only solution.
Any ideas or advise on possible makes/models I should use will be highly appreciated. I am in Honduras but can source it in the US easily.


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