Using a gif in an email

ivamaeSeptember 8, 2005

Is there a way to just copy and paste a gif or clip art into an email?. I'm using Outlook Express. Also I would like to learn how to add this signature to a plain ordinary email.


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I use OE also and I did just that copied your image and pasted it into my email, then sent it to myself to see if it works, it does lol.

Actually the better way would be to save that image somewhere on your hard drive then bring up a new email and insert it where ever you want it by using Insert/Picture. To be able to do this though make sure the email is set to Rich Text format. ;0)

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Thanks, That worked for me too, but when I saved them in a folder and then tried to copy and paste from there , it would not paste. I have been using the Insert/Picture but thought the other would be simpler. My daughter told me that if I copied and pasted onto a word document that I could copy from there and it would paste into an email. I don't understand why it would work from " word" but will not work directly from the saved folder. Any ideas?

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You can also have it so it appears automatically on your e-mails when you compose a message. But that takes some doing.

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