cutting opening in hot mop roof

john02139May 5, 2013

I would like recommendations on best way to cut an access opening in my roof about 2 foot x 4 foot. Original roofing and one replacement add to about 1 1/2 inches total dense black tarry/felty/papery stuff. This does not include underlying wood deck. I would like to use skill saw so that I can cut through roofing and wood deck separately. If I do, what would be the ideal blade to use. I realize it may not be of much use once I'm done. Are there other ways besides using skill saw. I made a small access opening from the bottom using a reciprocating saw - a miserable job. Thankfully the big opening will be from the top.


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If you don't want it to leak, call a professional as you sound over your head already!

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This is demo saw land (Sawzall).

Make sure you have plenty of spare blades.

A roofer would be a much better choice since they will know how to curb the opening and prevent water from entering.

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Most of the plunging and cutting can be done with a demolition saw. A recip saw may be needed for finishing the corners.
How are you bracing for the rafters being removed?

Here is a link that might be useful: Demolition Saw

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Sophie Wheeler

Disaster waiting to happen. Call a professional if you don't want the roof to collapse or your house to leak.

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The reason that you are receiving the variety of responses is that you have only asked, and elected to omit the why.
All of the end products do not have a standard methodology for weather protection.

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